French Riviera wedding photographer Hello! I'am Gabriella

I’m a French Riviera wedding photographer, but above all, I’m a human being deeply connected to emotions, deeply connected to my senses. As a photographer, I anchor your emotions on the sensors of my camera. My perfection is your own beauty, your own and deep beauty that makes you unique.

Maintaining a magic of the relationship between my subjects and me, between my clients and me is my art’s foundation. In other words, I must be close to my subjects, I must feel what they feel.

Getting better and gaining experience requires a lot of empathy in my Art. What mean to me is the truth, the truth about who you are and how deeply you feel. By the way, I understand it’s not easy to surrender to a stranger especially in our world.

Actually, sometimes the reality of our world is so horrible that I tell myself that I have an infinite chance of being born in the right place at the right time. If you too feel this deep in your heart why not immortalize it in pictures? 

I am not used to indulging but here I do it because in front of my clients I am me with my strengths, with my empathy and my emotions. Without them, I will not be the artist that I am. So I embrace them completely because they are part of me. I was not born with a camera in hand, my photographic adventure begins after a disease. Through suffering a door has opened in my life. That of empathy, of freedom, of being the one I really am.

How to choose your wedding photographer: Why do not meet me during a discovery photo-shoot? My clients love this idea because they are reassured, not by the quality of my photographs but by the atmosphere of the shooting. They see how I work on the spot, how I interact with them, how I make them feel comfortable and how I reveal their beauty with an haute-couture aesthetic touch. 

I believe in challenging the status quo. I believe that the way photographers sells wedding photography has to change. How? by trying services. Why would it be different with photography? as a client, you can judge by yourself if I am the one you need, if I’m the photographer you must work with. There are many moments in life which matters, the wedding day is one of them. 

This is part of our first appointment and is not charged.*

If you live to be a hundred, I want to live to be a hundred minus one day so I never have to live without you.




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